Kiln Opening - 6 Sets of Handmade Tea Cups, Saucers, Creamers & Sugar Bo...

A quick clip vlogging some thoughts (chatting stops at about 3 minutes in) and what I've been working on in ceramics this month...handmade ceramic tea sets & closing out the "365 Days of Clay Cups" project by readying all the pieces for the gallery show on March 1st. The project saucer I'm firing in here is actually for Cup #130..I didn't glaze them at the same time, but think they will go very well together if you want to see what it goes with!

PURCHASING A CUP from the 365 DAY PROJECT: The beginning of the video gives instructions on how to purchase cups (please let me know by February 21 if you would like me to hold a cup ( If after, please contact the Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery in Modesto, CA.-
209-522-0935 March 1- May 1, 2012).

***Visit: to check availability until March 1st .....after that please contact the art gallery.

Thanks so much for watching!
Tammy Jo!