Updates & Happenings Plus Cup #300

Here is my most recent cup clip and some updates of what's going on in my worlds!

- Art Festival ...I've been getting ready for my first time showing potter at the San Joaquin Potters Guild Fine Art Festival coming up November 18th & 19th. Just a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. I'm going to be doing a trial run set up at my home tomorrow so when I get there I can know how it should work. Organizing an attractive display with the little bit of wares I have is going to be a challenge. I wish I could just set up what I have of the 365 Day Cups...(that's a lot of clay), but I need to keep them all until 2012.

- "What are you going to do with the cups after the project?"  I get asked this question alot :D!

In a nutshell I'll be donating some, selling some, gifting some and keeping some. I'm working on putting together a little book of ALL the cups and my year long journey (for posterity sake) then I will show the cups in an exhibition at Chartruese Muse Art Gallery in Modesto, CA in June of 2012 :)

I had someone contact me to ask if they could purchase one of the project cups. He didn't seem to mind waiting until they would be up for sale in June of 2012! I decided to start a call back list of those who would like to purchase cups so I can put specific cups on hold.

If you are interested in purchasing a cup...and don't mind waiting...please let me know which cup(s) you would like and I'll be happy to contact you when the are ready for sale.

To view the entire cup gallery you can visit: http://hobbypotter.com/photogallery-cups-mugs.html

- 57 Days Left... It's so difficult to believe I've been doing this project for 308 Days...I can hardly believe it! So many different growth moments in this year I'll sum up.

This project went from just needing to understand the best way to throw a cup, to slowly morphing into perfecting specific preferred skills, to making cups that meant something to me. It has been growth every day, every step of the way.

I'm still loving the process and hope the last 57 Days will show growth and inspiration.

Thanks to those who are following along and hope that this novice potter has been showing you that you can learn to do well with even small bites at a time. 1 cup representing every day of a year. Baby steps :)
~ Tammy Jo!

Wooo, hooo 300 Cups! More than I could really fathom doing at the beginning! Only 64 more cups to go in the project and time seems to really be flying by. The bottoms of the cups were a little too dry and I learned from a video by John Britt to squirt the bottoms and let it absorb to soften them up enough to trim!
Hope you enjoy :D