San Joaquin Potters Guild Fine Arts Festival...My 1st!

Here's the clip of the art festival. Silly me didn't get a good video of my own space so I put a photo I took of it the 1st day! The second day I wanted to fill the empty space and brought my laptop to run some pottery clips. SO much fun! My family had a great time too which means the world to me!

Sold some things, but the greater fun was walking around and visiting/seeing other potters work. I really got such a thrill out of it since these types of experiences are few and far between in my neck of the woods!

After talking to most of the potters at the show, a majority do gas fire (not electric) and fire to cone 10. Learned about some new clays I'd like to try, one in particular from IMCO and got even more inspired (if you can believe that!). Just some really great conversations!

Hope you enjoy a quick tour !

Enjoy! Tammy Jo