Cups #291- 292- 293 Making Two Mugs & a Tea Bowl

Really enjoyed the new handle style on cup 292...thinking of doing this one more often, but making little tweeks to it. Very comfortable handle! You'll notice trimming of these cups was a little wet. There definitely needs to be some re-adjust the length of wait time since the weather is cooling down. Need to allow more time for them to get to leather hard!!!

It's interesting that after almost a year of this I realized when making pottery I sort out all my inner most thoughts. Sometimes I just start talking to the camera (forgetting it's a camera and think I'm talking directly to you) and sharing as if you all really care about what I'm thinking! Anyway, after editing this "very chatty video" you'll notice where I've "cut myself off" (especially at cup 292..." deep thinker" for sure, but also...a "rambling talker"

Hoping you enjoy the cups!
Tammy Jo~