Bisque Fire #8 & "What happens when you try to fire a cell phone..."

I was thinking just before I set-up the kiln how these bisque firings are so easy and uneventful.

WELL...I set the kilns delay for 3 hours (thinking I wanted it to start well after I exited the workshop). Impatience over came me!

After shooting the set-up video I decided to change the settings. I placed my phone on the kiln lid to reset the time to start immediately! So happy was I that my kiln was firing, I rushed out of the workshop leaving my phone on the lid....2000 degrees later, I suddenly became a poster child for what not to do with your cell phone at the local Best Buy ! ;)

I've updated photos and video links on the website...take a look see...I've got photos posted up to Cup #287

~ Tammy Jo ~ ;)