ER Visit & Kiln Openings, What do they have in common? ....ME!

This pottery journey has had so many ups, it's only fair that it has a down or two!

When I say down I mean...down & out. As some of you know who watch the daily videos on youtube, I had a little ER visit & some down time. If you'd like to know exactly what happened, here's a link to the video (no sense rehashing it all in print form when you can just hear it from the horses mouth..wait..did I just call myself a horse ;)

So....what about 365 DAYS OF CLAY CUPS

That little incident set me back in cups, which caused me to re-structure my little 365 day project.

The original plan was to make a cup a day for 365 Days, this unfortunately hit a wall when I did :) Now, reaching that "specific" goal is no longer an option, yet I am still going to be making 365 Days worth of Clay Cups! In fact, I'm right back on the horse, catching up with my cups and approaching the project from a slightly different angle!

Making Time More Effective
I've rescheduled throwing, handles & glazing into a flow that works for both time & creativity..(creativity...something I felt I didn't have adequate time for before).  You won't notice much of a change with the vlog except slightly different intro's and throwing clips...but I am making my shop time more productive and this has been a big plus!

Kiln Openings - The Good ~ The Bad ~ And the Stuck!
Note to self...kiln wash is like deodorant, you gotta use it for it to work!
For the most part it was a successful kiln opening. I was able to get a good test on some glazes that I'd had in buckets and couldn't recall what they looked was almost like a grab bag! It was real pleasing to see the colors that came from these buckets, the down side was I didn't realize how much they would run. I waxed the bottoms of the cups, but it just wasn't enough to hold back the flow. Live & Learn!

Here's the Kiln Opening Video

Photo Gallery Updated with Before & After Pics.

That's it for today! If you have any suggestions for me I'd sure appreciated hearing from you....Thanks so much!!