Cups ~ Videos ~ Life!

The intent of the blog was to keep you posted daily on what I've been working on, my thoughts behind why I'm doing what I'm doing..just a little  more deep than the vlog.  That just hasn't yet happened. What surprised me was the amount of time it took to edit and upload the vlog....big surprise. 

Then there was the internal debate about the blog.."Do I post the present day I'm working on, or the day of the video upload?" When videos are posted online, these cups were made 3 days prior, for example I just uploaded Day #12 of 365 Days, but today's shop experience will be Day #15! So before I decide on a concrete post date...let me recap what I've learned in the last couple weeks: 

There haas been so much helpful wheel throwing & pottery tip information posted on the youtube videos, I wanted to gather up in one place so I can go back and reflect the past 14 days): Here are some excellent video responses: 

Too Darn Cold!
Because I've been dealing with a cold workshop, I've had to make some adjustments such as bringing in the cold clay to warm up and the thrown pieces to dry in time to be trimmed. 

Editing ~ Not for the Time Starved
After 15 days I think I finally have this monster under control. I was spending way too much time editing and saving in a professional software program and optimum settings when I could have easily taken another route (which I have) and saved myself hours (no joke)! 

What's Next? 
After typing this blog I've decided to use my blog to type what I'm feeling and experiencing on an actually given day. So today ( 1/12/11) is the 12th Cup online, but the 15th cup in the shop. So in a sense this blog could be a 'SPOILER ALERT' for future videos or a "preview" of what's to come! 

Signing Off ~ Now go enjoy some clay~
~ Tammy Jo